Welcome to Be Well! Our goal is to improve the overall health and wellness of employees through wellness initiatives that target risk factors and wellness issues that influence health.


Please call the Be Well program at (860) 429-3325 or email at Be_Well@ehhd.org

if you have any questions at all on our Bike Sharing program!

Program Purpose:

The purpose of the Be Well Bike Sharing Program is to increase physical activity via active transportation. Employees may participate in the program for recreation (on their own time) and business purposes. The Mansfield Town Hall, where the bicycles are stored when not in use, is in close proximity to the various amenities of the Storrs Downtown area, the University of Connecticut, and several other sites in which the town of Mansfield and its employees conduct business. Additionally, the surrounding area is highly utilized for active transportation purposes like walking and bicycling. The bike program enables employees to utilize bicycling, a mode of active transportation, for recreation, to travel to business meetings, or for personal errands before, during, or after the work day.

Eligibility Requirements:

Eligibility requirements have been set for participation in the Be Well bike sharing program:

  1. The individual must be an employee of the Town of Mansfield, Mansfield Board of Education, EHHD, or Region 19,
  2. The individual must complete the town hall bike program’s safety course,
  3. The individual must wear a helmet at all times when operating the Be Well bike sharing program’s bicycles,
  4. The individual must adhere to all of the Be Well bike sharing program’s procedures.

How the Bike Program Works

  1. Take the Be Well safety quiz by clicking here
  2. Fill out the Bike Program Waiver here 
  3. Come by the Eastern Highlands Health District's office in the Mansfield Town Hall to drop off you're waiver and sign out your bike
  4. We will provide you with a helmet, sunscreen, and help you get oriented with our bikes. We also have a bike bag if you'd like to transport items!
  5. Let us know when you'll have the bike back.
  6. Have fun!

Please call the Be Well program at (860) 429-3325 or email at be_Well@ehhd.org if you have any questions at all on the bikes availability or anything else about the Be Well Bike Program!

You may complete a brief online bike safety course by clicking here.

As part of the orientation process, you will be asked to complete and return this  Waiver Form