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  PUTTING ON AIRS (Asthma Indoor Risk Strategies)

The Eastern Highlands Health District brings the Putting on AIRS program to residents of EHHD member towns through a grant from the Department of Public Health, and in coordination with the Region 3 Asthma Coalition. 

If your asthma is poorly controlled you might qualify for this free program, proven to reduce asthma symptoms.

Here is what some Putting on AIRS satisfied clients have said

My child is 100% better!

Have not had to go to the MD.”

Have not needed nebulizer treatments.”

No missed school days in the past 3 months!

Went from zero symptom-free days to 14 symptom-free days in a two-week period.”

Only used rescue inhaler twice in the past month compared to four times in one week.

Putting on AIRS provides:

  • FREE home assessment will identify things that may be triggering attacks or making asthma worse
  • Free educational and training materials that will help you develop a plan to manage asthma
  • Available in English and Spanish

Talk to your physician or school nurse about a referral or call the Northeast District Department of Health at 860-774-7350 to see if you qualify for this FREE asthma home assessment program


To learn more about the Putting on AIRS program, check out the pamphlet at this link:Putting on AIRS Pamphlet