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9-5-2-1-0 For Health!





Nine hours of sleep each night for health!

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Adequate sleep each night is important to a child's health for so many reasons.  There is research to support that not only does it impact their emotional health and ability to deal with everyday issues, but getting a healthy amount of sleep each night is one factor in maintaining a healthy weight. 

Sometimes it is difficult to know how much is enough sleep, and even harder to make that happen in busy families.  In order to ensure that your child gets enough sleep each night it is important to establish a routine and make sure your child's room is sleep-friendly.  Avoid putting a TV, computer, or electronic game station in their room.  The links on the left have some great tips on how to manage healthier sleep routines for your family!

 How much sleep do you really need?



 Sleep Needs (hours)


 12 - 18

 3-11 months  

 14 - 15

 1 - 3 years  

 12 - 14

 3 - 5 years  

 11 - 13

 5 - 10 years  

 10 - 11

 10 - 17 years  

 8.5 - 9.25


 7 - 9


 National Sleep Foundation

Remember that recommended hours are averages, and every child is different; you will know if your child is getting enough sleep by their behavior when they are awake.  Also, keep in mind that the tips provided in the links on the left are suggestions.  You know your child best, and if one of the tips does not sound like it will work for your situation or your child, try something else or consult with your child's health care provider.