Preventing Illness and Promoting Wellness for Communities in Eastern Connecticut

  • Andover
  • Ashford
  • Bolton
  • Chaplin
  • Columbia
  • Coventry
  • Mansfield
  • Scotland
  • Tolland
  • Willington

Welcome to the Eastern Highlands Health District!  


 A Word From the Director

The Eastern Highlands Health District strives to put our motto of "preventing illness and promoting wellness" at the forefront of all services we offer. The environmental health program provides the basic duties for which the Health District is best known, and their services are the backbone of our efforts to "prevent illness" in our communities. Complementing this effort, the public health emergency preparedness program develops and secures the critical resources necessary to prepare for and respond to a public health emergency. Additionally, promoting wellness continues to be a guiding force as we explore areas of need in our communities.

We have many resources available to the public, and are here if you have questions. Whether your question or concern is regarding septic or well issues, food safety, emergency preparedness, or health promotion topics, we have answers!

My door is always open.


Robert Miller, M.P.H., R.S.,

Director of Health


Healthy people, healthy communities...healthier future.  


Eastern Highlands Health District is committed to enhancing the quality of life in its communities through the prevention of illness, promotion of wellness and protection of our human environment.  The pursuit of this mission is achieved through the enforcement of state and local health regulations, monitoring the health status of the community, informing and educating citizens on health issues, running programs to support community health efforts, and collaborating with community public health partners.

Service Area 

The Eastern Highlands Health District is one of 53 local Health Districts in the State of Connecticut. Established on June 6, 1997, it serves the towns of Andover, Ashford, Bolton, Chaplin, Columbia, Coventry, Mansfield, Scotland, Tolland, and Willington, covering just over 208 square miles with a total district population of 82,082.

 Our Organization

 The District is a governmental entity authorized under Connecticut statutes for the purpose of providing local public health services. A Board of Directors, representing each member town, governs the Health District. The board appoints a Director of Health who acts as the chief executive officer of the Health District and as a delegated agent of the State Commissioner of Public Health for the purpose of enforcing the Public Health Code.

 What We Do

The specific services provided by the District include septic system inspection and approval; well and water quality monitoring; food protection; lead investigations; radon prevention; public bathing area monitoring; and public health complaint investigations. The District also has a communicable disease control program for disease surveillance and outbreak investigation, and an expanding public health education and training program. Other public health functions conducted by the district include data collection, analysis, and health planning activities.