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9-5-2-1-0 For Health!





2 Hours (or less) of screen time for health!

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Limiting screen time (time in front of a computer screen, T.V. screen, or electronic gaming system) opens up a world of possibilities for children!  Most importantly it allows them to be active in many ways.  Active children do things  and limiting screen time helps develop healthy children.  Research has shown that less screen time means more time to play, read, sleep, and engage in family meals and family events.

For tips on how to manage screen time for children at home and at places that care for children, check out the toolkits available at the link above; and if you need reinforcements, the references page provides links to the research to back you up!

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children younger than 2 years not watch any television, and that children older than 2 years watch no more than 2 hours of quality programming (and less is better).

We could all experience health (& quality of life) benefits through less screen time!