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9-5-2-1-0 For Health!





At least 1 hour of physical activity each day for health!

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Energy balance is all about being active and eating healthy (managing portion sizes and food choices).  Energy balance is a key part of raising healthy children.  Enabling children to be physically active each day is a role many of us contributes to from teachers and staff at the school to members of our faith communities; it takes more than just families with young children to create opportunities for physical activity (even the design of the communities we live in can encourage or inhibit physical activity)!  It is important to capture many ways every day to impact and improve the opportunities for physical activity. 

Physical activity comes in many forms throughout the day if we are in tune with the opportunities as they present themselves.  Ways you can help create opportunities for physical activity include:

  • Make the next family event or party include active socializing - take a walk together, play an active lawn game, or meet at a park for a hike, bike, or swim date!
  • Start or end instructional or child care time with 10 minutes of physical activity to build a healthy body - walk together, jump rope, do basic exercises or stretching
  • Work with community leaders to ensure that schools and town property have adequate facilities to support physical activity for children
  • Integrate yoga or stretching into daily routines at home, places of worship, or schools

Check out this new video to spark recess energy!

 When is the last time you played Hopscotch or Chinese Jump Rope with your children?  Check out these videos.... wow!  what fun!


 Send us YOUR fun activity YouTube link here: Active Living video

The links to the left provide additional ideas for how to be more active with children. 

Together, we can make a difference in our community!