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Zero servings of sugary drinks for health!

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Sports Drinks:  Smart Choices! 

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Sugary drinks are more than just sodas.  Many packaged beverages have added sugar, and some have large quantities of added sugar.  While children need adequate amounts of fluids, the best choices are plain water, and low fat (or non-fat) unflavored milk.  100% fruit juice is also an option, but eating the juicy fruits are even better for health!  It is best to drink no more than 1 cup (8 ounces) of 100% juice in a day because most 100% juice contains at least 100 calories in each cup. 

Don't be fooled....  many common drinks are significant sources of sugar including vitamin waters, sports drinks, flavored drink mixes, and fruit punch or fruit cocktails.  While serious athletes may benefit from chocolate milk or a sports drink after an extended workout, most elementary school age children need nothing more than water during or after a sports event.


  How much sugar is in a soft drink?

 If we don't offer or serve sugary beverages to children, we can help them meet this challenge!