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Public Bathing Areas/Swimming Pools

Public Bathing Areas

All public bathing areas are inspected throughout the swimming season. Water samples are collected from each area once per week for swimming water quality testing and monitoring.  Results are available to the public.

The Bathing Water Program at Eastern Highlands Health District tests the E. coli level in the water at 20 different bathing sites in the ten towns to assure that these areas are safe to swim in. The samples are taken once per week from mid-May through the end of August. The Commissioner of Health Services has established that concentrations of the E. coli indicator organism less than or equal to 235 per 100 milliliters of water is generally considered satisfactory for a single sample from a bathing area. A single sample with a concentration of this organism greater than 235 per 100 milliliters of water is in excess of that which is normally considered acceptable for bathing and a resample is required. If the resample comes back high, the beach will be shut down until the levels return to normal. Factors that may influence the growth of this organism include large populations of waterfowl, the number of bathers, and the amount of rainfall received at the time of testing.


Blue-Green Algae Information

Blue-green algae, also known as Cyanobacteria, occur naturally in lakes and ponds throughout Connecticut. These microscopic organisms are components of the aquatic food chain. In ordinary circumstances, Cyanobacteria cause no apparent harm, however warmer water temperatures and high nutrient concentrations may induce a rapid increase in their abundance. This response is commonly called a “bloom“ because algal biomass increases to the extent that normally clear water becomes markedly turbid. This tainted water takes on a green, blue-green or reddish-brown colored hue.

Blue-Green Algae Frequently Asked Questions

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Public Swimming Pools

All public and semi-public swimming pools within the district are inspected for compliance with the Connecticut Public Health Code including the new Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act, for the prevention of Recreational Safety & Water Illness. With most pools within the district being seasonal, the pools are inspected each year before opening and must be in compliance with the health code prior to being issued their license and allowed to open. The inspection process involves checking compliance of the water chemistry as well as ensuring proper safety equipment & procedures.

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